Biographical Information 

Tessa Hill has sculpted her whole life out of any material available within her reach.

       She began focusing on torch work glass at the end of her college career in Burlington, Vermont where she completed an evolving apprenticeship at Eye and I Glass with Eric Nelson. Tessa has also completed in-depth workshops with glass and sculpture masters at Corning Museum of Glass, Snow Farm Craft School and UVM. Tessa know lives and blows glass in Saint Albans, Vermont with her husband, sheepdog, cat and chickens.


      Tessa art work is enabled by her deep respect for torch work glass; it's ability to capture and transform light, and the fluid way that glass can mimic organic forms. The history tied to the ancient Venetian techniques still used today also inform Tessa's process and choice of subject.


      Tessa has always been drawn to spend time in nature, and a commitment to environmental conservation is tied to her passion for sculpting natural forms.

       Each work of art serves as a microscope to highlight a beautiful aspect of nature, allow the viewer to explore and connect to it. Her glass serves to mimic the delicacy and fragility found in the delicate ecosystems making up the Earth.

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